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Ternamag contributed in the efforts against the big forest fires in Euboea 

The wildfire started on Saturday July 30th in the morning close the Farakla village, in the north-central Euboea and soon was spread in a large forest area to the west and north.

Ternamag immediately organised a task force with people and machinery (front loaders and water silo trucks), who was under the command of the Fire Brigade. The task force repaired and cleaned forest roads and supplied water for the fire-fighting vehicles on a 24-hrs basis.

At the same time TERNA sent to Euboea two large bulldozers, taken from its construction site of the E65 highway, accompanied with the appropriate staff. The heavy vehicles arrived at Euboea after midnight, early in the morning of August 1st and started immediately the formation of fire protection forest zones.


A valuable post-mining use

Inside the wildfire area there was a small lake, created from an old abandoned magnesite surface  mine. The fire-fighting helicopters were getting continuously water from this lake. By this way they managed to do multiple efforts against the fire using fresh water, compared with the time consuming standard practice of getting (salt) water from the sea.

The creation of fire protection zones by the bulldozers and the use of the small lake as water source for the helicopters, played a critical role to the effective protection of the near-by villages of Metochi and Spathari.


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Fire protection zone Helicopter during water sourcing from the lake




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