News - Announcements

News - Announcements 2019

December 2019. A year of distinction for Terna Mag

Dec 07, 2019. Michail Skalistiris passed away

Jul 05, 2019. Commissioning of a new production line for Dead Burned Magnesia products


News - Announcements 2016

Jul 30, 2016. Ternamag contributed in the efforts against the big forest fires in Euboea


News - Announcements 2015

Jun 16-20, 2015. TERNA MAG in GIFA 2015 (Dusseldorf)

Jun 4, 2015. Visit of Mr. Michail Skalistiris

May 18-20, 2015. TERNA MAG Lead Sponsor in MagMin 2015

RWF 4/2015. TERNAMAG –G.M Interview at refractories WORLDFORUM


News - Announcements 2014

March 2014. TERNAMAG in "Industrial Minerals" magazine

20-01-2014. Investment plan of € 100 million. Magnesite cargo exported for the first time in 15 years!


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